About Me

“READAGE” exists because reading is awesome and I’m always doing it. Welcome to the blog, where it’s BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS. SOMETIMES OTHER STUFF BUT MOSTLY BOOKS.IMG_3527

  • Born to read, forced to do other stuff
  • An “old soul” with various interests that would take more than one lifetime to adequately pursue
  • I am a certified “information junkie”…I really have a problem!
  • Full-time book nut, part-time student with a concentration in Journalism and a Psychology minor
  • Studying Journalism (Psychology minor) at Auburn University in Auburn, AL
  • (When I’m not reading I’m thinking about reading) but I also enjoy: writing, studying, blogging, singing, listening to music, watching movies, drinking coffee, sleeping, etc.
  • I read the hell out of: John Irving, Stephen King, Wally Lamb, Jeffrey Eugenides, Gillian Flynn, etc.
  • I will never turn down the opportunity to try new genres and authors
  • The best reading is couch reading with the TV off, and I really don’t mind my daily transit route because it’s just another excuse to read!
  • All I really need is a big book and a big cup of coffee, it’s that simple; but other enjoyable reading companions include a cat or just the silent comfort of my nearby stack of TBR books
  • I will not turn down the following genres: fiction, non-fiction, mysteries/thrillers, memoirs, biography, autobiography, erotica, self-help, etc.
  • I will never understand why more people don’t read
  • I enjoy foreign languages but have never left the States
  • OverDrive is my new best friend for immediate, on-the-go readage
  • “Readage” is my mildly lame attempt at bringing more attention to books and authors and I hope to contribute in spreading the awesome infectious agent that is reading
  • I will pick up a book and read it based on the cover alone
  • If any of my favorite authors (see above) release a book, I’m reading it: period
  • I am not a morning person, and hit my stride at 7 pm
  • I used to like music but people like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are the reason I read instead
  • I will never read a “bodice-ripper”
  • I have a mild infatuation with Charlize Theron
  • I have always envied and admired those who can sketch, draw, and paint
  • I support the arts in any medium
  • I hated high school and my idea of hell would be returning
  • I suck at math but I’m a damn good speller
  • I dream of someday instilling the love of language in another human being (as in having a baby bookworm)
  • I have a Nook for e-reading but I never use it; I’m never going to give up the paper and the sweet, sweet smells of actual books
  • I enjoy “The Big Bang Theory” a little too much
  • The first thing I do when moving to a new town is locate the library and get a card
  • I’m a huge procrastinator and very detail-obsessed
  • If I ever lose my vision (which isn’t too great in the first place) the first thing I’ll do is learn to read in braille
  • I have a thing for tall, dark, and handsome guys…who read
  • I will most likely never vote again in any election
  • I am Italian and my people come from Bari
  • No one has ever pronounced my last name correctly (ok, maybe one person)
  • I have three library cards checked out in other peoples’ names so I can check out as much as possible
  • My perfect breakfast is biscotti and a cuppa Joe
  • My biggest fear is not having access to books at any point during the day
  • I never want to live in a world without books
  • I started this “Readage” blog in April 2012; here’s to awesome readage!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Who is this so-called bookgirl1987?. Is is real or just a figment of someone’s imagination? Does she really like to read? Is the library her safe haven? So many questions and no answers.

    Love you,

    DAD 5/17/2012

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