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Hour 12-Coffee Is Your Best Friend

HOUR 12 IS UPON US, MY FRIENDS! And if you’re looking at this post right now, you’re kick-butt because you’ve made it to the halfway point and you’re still here! YAY YOU!

I apologize to the non-coffee-drinkers amongst us, but right about now you’re needing something to keep you going! Since everything else is illegal, YAY FOR COFFEE!  Not hating on tea but coffee is just boss, and this post is to encourage coffee-lovers to pour another cup! There’s actually a lot of encouraging research pointing to the fact that coffee is pretty darn good for us–in moderation, of course.

If you’d like to take a break and read about coffee (it’s still reading and it counts!), feel free to check out the links below:

DISCLAIMER: Of course, friends, don’t drink more coffee than is right for you. And remember to rest and sleep up well when the ‘thon concludes! We don’t want anyone getting sick or having severe read-a-thon jetlag. This post does NOT in any way encourage the over-consumption of coffee or caffeine. Enjoy responsibly! 😉

Enjoy your cup and get back to kickin’ those pages! It’s been fun hosting Hours 11 & 12 but I’m signing off. Now I must get back to my own reading and my lovely java juice. Cheers!

Your Friend in Books & Coffee,



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