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TBR Thursday

//TBR THURSDAY…where I highlight some titles related to the book I’m currently reading (book of the week)…//

This week’s current read is: Leah Remini’s “Troublemaker.” Let’s explore some related titles I’ve got on my TBR list:

NOTE: most of the books on this list are intended to examine, define and expose the inner workings of Scientology; they are not intended to provide a balanced or unbiased consideration of the “religion.” (My quotes, as I do not believe Scientology qualifies as a legitimate religion, but remains interesting to me as a reader.) I will not include titles of texts by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, as from what I’ve read about him he appeared to be a narcissistic proponent of mind-control and a manipulative leader of a destructive movement. If you are interested in the subject, you will find many resources to explore Scientology, where you can form your own thoughts and opinions.

See you tomorrow, book fiends!

Always Between Pages,


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