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ANNOUNCEMENT: Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon 2016!

Hey guys,

Just a quick update post to let you know that I will be participating in this year’s spring readathon (APRIL 23, 2016) in a major way! After handing in two rather disappointing attempts at readathon, I’m upping the ante this time and doing just about everything: READING, CO-MODERATING THE EVENT, HOSTING TWITTER PARTIES, CHEERLEADING, etc! I’m so excited to be a part of this growing network of readers and participants! It’s super-nerdy of me to admit this but: THIS IS BECOMING A FAVORITE HOLIDAY!

If you would like more information on the event, you can find EVERYTHING (and I do mean EVERYTHING) you need to know by clicking here: Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon and by navigating the always helpful Twitter account. We’re now on Facebook as well as other social media platforms, so get to clickin’!

I’m busy with many bookish duties right now, most importantly the mini-challenge post I’ve been approved to submit for Hour 2 of the event. I hope to post it either tonight or early this week, as the post is still incubating in my noggin. In other (but very related) news I’ve joined the Goodreads community in a major way recently, by participating in several groups for buddy/group reads and other miscellaneous fun.  And I’ll also be hosting Hours 5-6 for the official Dewey’s group on Goodreads, so yeah I’m pretty BOOKED lol.

In sum, I will be busy reading and knocking out my eternal TBR for the foreseeable future. Not going to lie, it feels so nice to be amongst my people.

We would love more people to join us for Dewey’s, it’s just a big ol’ reading family and a bi-annual bookish event that we all deserve access to! If you LOVE to read, why on earth are you NOT doing this already?! *shakes head in confusion* Get educated on the event details and start crackin’ those book spines!

See you around the blogosphere very soon,




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