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Traffic Thursdays

//INCOMING, make way…here’s a long-overdue Traffic Thursdays post. You thought it was gone forever, huh? (I did too lol)//


  • Insomnia, Stephen King, 663 pages, Current Interest Level: 7/10; I’m into the story so far and was missing the King. Hope to Finish: No idea, it’s going to take a little while. I’m reading so many other things right now, but it’s a daily-reader for me at the moment.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium #1), Stieg Larsson, 590 pages, Current Interest Level: 5/10; enjoyed the series when I first read it (in 2012), but I’m enjoying it even more listening to Simon Vance narrate on audio. Since it’s a re-read and I’m nearing the end (after having seen the Swedish-version film several times), I’m kind of over it. But being the 95% completion-ist that I am, I Hope to Finish: In a few days.
  • City on Fire, Garth Risk Hallberg, 911 pages, Current Interest Level: 7/10; THIS BOOK IS HUGE AND WEIGHS AS MUCH AS A NEWBORN…I’m sinking into it very slowly, and that’s okay. It kind of HAS to be okay, because that’s how it’s going to be. Enjoying the story though, no doubt. Hope to Finish: Within the next year…don’t laugh too hard. Have you seen this book in hardcover?!


Sadly, I haven’t finished anything of note in the past few weeks. My Goodreads profile reflects the meager pickings of late. Hoping to remedy that with the quickness. Maybe I’ll have something to report next week, or the next…


That’s all I have time for this late Wedn- (um, early) Thursday morning. Hope you’re knocking out some serious readage and getting through your week with a smile!

Goodnight (good morning) from bookgirl1987,




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