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Apologies for my Extended Absence

Hey bloggers!

sorry-for-being-rubbish-imageI wanted to stop by and send out apologies for my extended absence lately on the blog. Just haven’t been feeling the blogging life for the past several weeks, and haven’t really even been finishing books to my satisfaction. Kinda going through a dry spell with inspiration, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced from time to time. However, I’ve discovered the pleasures of a little thing called Instagram so I’m there ALL THE TIME! If you’d like to check out what’s happening in my reading life (and life in general), please follow me there at: allison_readage. Although I’m not exceedingly creative or very great at it, I’ve gotten into book photography in a huge way and I’m so happy to have found a home there! If I can finally finish a book soon (I’m oh-so-close with at least one), I will hopefully have something positive to say with a review here on the blog. Otherwise, I’ll keep making sporadic excuse posts for why I’m not on here more often! (That always works, I guess). Again, I’m sorry for being rubbish… 😦 Maybe the lovely blogging feeling will return soon!

Always reading (just not always blogging),



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