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Traffic Thursdays

Hello bookish lovelies! Summer prelude..and go!

I love these super-lazy summer days of reading! I thought I’d share some summer-themed lyrics from Nat King Cole with you guys, since the summer bug has hit pretty hard in my body.

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
You'll wish that summer could always be here

summer_readingIn my opinion, the summer reading experience is fricking* awesome. Granted–(for me)–summer reading doesn’t surpass the breezy-cool, pumpkin-spiced, tattered-falling leaves of autumn experience; still, summer reading is a wonderful thing. These days, I do so much reading, relaxing, coffee-drinking, cat-petting…and who am I kidding, sleeping and light-snoozing…that Itraffic thursdays wish summer didn’t leave us all so soon! Days get longer but do they really? They seem to speed by so much faster than winter days. Perhaps that’s because, as a society, we save most of our pleasurable activities for the warmer, more enjoyable months, as opposed to the crazy-frigid months of winter (especially in snow-laden environs), when no one feels like doing anything but conserving heat and energy. Hmmm…I really don’t know where those thoughts came from… Back on point: Here’s another Traffic Thursday, where I pull out all the stops and briefly examine the complex inner workings of my reading life via INBOX/OUTBOX/IN PROGRESS themes and whatnot…you’ve most likely been here before, so you know what’s up.

I’m still feeling like a crazy person, up to my eyeballs in books, but that’s a fact of life I accepted long ago. Right now, I’m doing pretty well with my reading in general. I’m not ecstatic about the pace (having OCD is a bitch) but here’s where I find myself right now:

  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman, 181 pages, Genre(s): fantasy, science fiction, mystery, drama, Interest Level: 8/10, was hooked pretty much from the first or second chapter with this one. I will admit that the audiobook reading by Gaiman himself is keeping things very lively and interesting. I can detect fully-realized worlds and layers of emotion and mystery in his reading alone, it’s pretty amazing. Hope to Finish: tomorrow!fiction
  • Woke Up Lonely, Fiona Maazel, 352 pages, Genre(s): drama, mystery, science fiction, Interest Level: 7/10, coming along nicely even though I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I’m smart (or hip) enough to understand what’s going on but I think I’ve got it…maybe? I like it, it’s intense, beautiful writing and she really knows how to characterize people. Hope to Finish: in the next few days (chiefly because this one’s overdue…shhhh!), even though I’ve got so much more ground to cover.

Unfortunately (but not really unfortunately), those are the only two books I’ve been able to pay attention to over the past few days. I can’t move fast enough for this crazy TBR…

  • I’ve cracked the cover of my Good Reads giveaway copy of Einstein’s Beach House: Stories by Jacob Appel. I’ve read the introductory story “Hue and Cry” and I’m not sure exactly what I read but I do like the author’s writing style. I’ve yet to see if I enjoy the rest of the collection but I’ve got it laying around to fill in the empty space of a half hour or so, when I need a break from longer readage and just want smaller bites of something.recent readage
  • I really enjoy my Book Riot articles, like with a mad passion, and I read a good article this past weekend, so I’ve included the link if you’re so inclined to read about our culture’s supposed obsession with apocalypse fiction. It was interesting (zombie) food for thought, and it had me thinking. Does the appeal really just boil down to our blood-and-gore-loving society and general obsession with scary, what-if scenarios? Or does it actually go much deeper than that and help us explore more philosophical elements about ourselves, as the article posits? What do you think? Open discussion, always. Why Do We Love the Apocalypse?
  • I also recently read a great article titled “In Praise of the Book Tower” courtesy of a new favorite site called Literary Hub. Check it out and goo-goo-ga-ga over the author’s book-cluttered (or not?) home and vehemently sound off in the comments about the concept of “too many books” because we all know there’s no such thing.tbr

library loot

So, that about wraps it up for this Thursday. Hope everyone is having a more-than-pleasant, productive summer of much happy reading!

*”fricking” is what you say/write when you are so excited/content that you want to cuss but you decide not to at the last minute, I think…

Forever Between Pages, while fanning myself to stay cool,



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