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Good Evening, Ladies & Gents

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Aaaahhhh, the smooth and calming effects Mr. Neil Gaiman’s voice is having on me right now, like RIGHT THIS SECOND. I am enjoying a re-reading of chapters 1-3 of “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” (I started the book last night). I think I’m pretty much hooked on this audiobook thing, and I openly welcome this new method of readage! *deep sigh of contentment* Have I finally found my snuggly reading blanket?

I was thinking this afternoon that I’m learning how to literally SAVOR a book, bit by bit, piece by piece, and it’s a nice feeling to calmly traverse the waters of a novel. This book has me on a great start in the audiobook world, and tonight I’m going coffee-free, so I think it’s pretty amazing that I’m motivated enough to post and talk about this. I should be clear and say that although I am excited about reading this one, I’m also making sure not to rush the reading. I’m tired of trying to beat the band in getting through books; I’m just not a fast reader and I’ve had to accept it.

I know that a lot of the appeal for me is that Mr. Gaiman himself is reading the audiobook, and he has a lovely British accent that just pulls me into the reading like a lullaby. Whoever had the idea to have him read his book is a genius…how can anyone not enjoy the quality of this reading? (A side-note: I adore British accents!!!)

In other bookish news in my little life, I had a good sweep through my APL today and didn’t leave with any less than six books and an audiobook: John Irving’s “Last Night in Twisted River.” (By the way, John Irving has another book coming out in November! I think that’s when it’s due. Although that’s an awfully long wait for Irving fans, such as myself, at least it won’t be 10 years before we have another book of his to read!) I love my public library, and I’d love to talk about it for just a minute. Although I have moved farther out from town and am not as close to my beloved second home, I still take every opportunity to stop by the wonderful place and touch the books. I’m not even going to lie, should I ever get accidentally locked in any building other than my home, that library is it! It’s the best one I’ve ever had the privilege to access, and it’s always right on it with the new releases…like day of publication…there it is on the shelf! I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding library experience, and I honestly hope to raise a child who loves libraries the obsessive way that I do. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for me!

Ok, so moving on…I’m mid-way through the summer here and I’m missing blogging way too much to keep on the sidelines for much longer. I’m hoping to come up with some fresh ideas that I can incorporate into Twitter and Instagram and do something different, shake things up a little because I’m bored with the stagnant ways of my current blogging. Obviously, I need to do more reading in order to have anything of interest to write about here, so that’s priority number one. The next thing is to find something I can enthusiastically keep my blogging head on about, and that’s harder than I once thought.

I have to sign off for now, as I promised myself I would be more responsible and get into bed before 3 in the morning! I would love to hear from you people and get more involved in your reading lives! Please send me a note or comment or anything really, I’d really appreciate hearing what you’re reading and enjoying this first week of July. Please keep in touch.

Forever Between Pages, and yawn…



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