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Update and Super-Mini Book Reviews: “The Girl on the Train” and “Yes Please”

Hey guys and gals!

How has everyone been? Hopefully, everyone is surviving summer and staying out of the heat with some shade and good books.

I know, it seems for a while there I had fallen off the face of the blogging Earth. I guess in some ways I kinda did, but it was to be expected, as my schedule was just too heavy for about 5 weeks with school. Without wasting too much time apologizing for my absence thus far in June, I’m just going to proceed with today’s post and pretend I’ve been a good blogger. (hehe)

Unfortunately, I’m still quite stalled in my reading. I haven’t finished a book that really impressed me in a long time. In fact, the last one I can think of is probably “Mother, Mother” by Koren Zailckas, and I read that in February! I gave that book 4/5 stars and I whipped through it pretty quickly. I’ve started several books since then and I’ve finished a few but haven’t put one down and thought “My god, that was a great book.”

Not taken with this one...and I tried really hard
Not taken with this one…and I tried really hard

I slugged through Paula Hawkins’s “The Girl on the Train” and really disliked most of it. I was planning on writing a quick review of the book but found that I couldn’t summon enough energy or interest to do so, not even a negative review. I don’t understand why so many people have fallen for this book; it was full of tiresome pacing and detestable characters. I didn’t care if anyone (I mean ANYONE) got hurt or done wrong in the book, it was all the same to me. Rachel was terrible, as was Anna, Megan, all the horrible men, etc. Here’s what I would have written had I proceeded with the book review:

“It was terrible. Glad it was just a library loan.”

However, I picked up Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” last fall when it first came out and I

Much better luck with humor
Much better luck with humor

finally finished it! It was a generally good experience, and I laughed a lot. I took my time with it, and really savored her comedic voice and personality. Safe to say, I am now very interested in starting “Parks and Recreation” on Netflix and

watching her SNL skits. I realize that so many people enjoyed this book on audio, and I really wish I had had that option. I would have flown through it quicker and I feel that my enjoyment would have only increased tenfold. It’s a good read, people, just know that.

Side note: one of the great things about having an iPhone is the variety of podcasts available, and I’ve become hooked on some awesome ones lately. My podcast situation has become a wonderful nightly ritual for me: I brush my teeth, put on my Lavender essential oil (to induce sleep), and proceed to listen to any of these wonderful shows: BOOK RIOT, ALL THE BOOKS! (Book Riot), READING LIVES (Book Riot), FRESH AIR WITH TERRY GROSS, WTF WITH MARC MARON, TED RADIO HOUR, OVERDUE, MORTIFIED PODCAST, and my absolute favorite of the moment SERIAL. Just catching up with some of these podcast backlist episodes is keeping me very busy and entertained! Last night, I discovered that I had enough storage on my phone to download OverDrive Media Console and a new (to me) app called Wattpad. I’m exploring Wattpad, still LOVING Pocket (to save articles/features of interest), and it’s nice to have OverDrive on a device again.

So, I’m still reading in some form or another, just not always in the traditional sense. I’ve had to downsize my reading goals for this year, but that’s ok. I hope to post my 2015 Reading Challenge soon with the updated checklist of books that “check off” each book category, because I think it’s still an awesome idea!

Please, please, PRETTY PLEASE tell me what’s going on in your reading life, lovely bookish people! I wanna know what you’re reading, avoiding, or anticipating! So many books always coming out and it’s just unbearably hard to keep up with all the new releases. But I’m still gonna try…

Until Next Time (whenever that is, honestly),



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