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Sunny Saturday and Update

Hey guys. Happy sunny Saturday!

I just dropped by the blog to write a very quick post. Those of you who follow this blog may have noticed two things of late:

1) I’m not posting with any kind of regularity (although I tried) and

2) I thinned out the blog considerably recently.

As for 1), I really have been trying to get on here and make it happen, but school is just too intensely busy right now for me to do so. Please understand and I apologize.

As for 2), last Friday I stayed up very late weeding out old, inferior posts that really don’t add to the blog in any considerable way. I went through old image-heavy posts and decided that I don’t want to do much of those anymore. Some of the new features I’ve recently introduced have already gone by the wayside, as I’ve realized that I just don’t like an image-heavy blog. It looks crowded and too busy…

On the reading front, my personal Readage has stalled in light of all the additional reading I’m required to do for school. I hope to post at least a few times this upcoming week and do a Traffic Thursday, where I can catalog and briefly discuss the pleasure reading and the required (sorta pleasure, but mostly not) reading my courses demand of me!

It’s a beautiful day but unfortunately I’m a slave to the screen for several more weeks. I’ve got to grab my moments of sun when I can, and there’s just not enough hours in the day! Ugh…

Have a good weekend, everyone, and I look forward to popping back on here as soon as feasibly possible!

Forever Between Pages,


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