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Twitter Tuesdays

Another Tuesday, guys! And go…

Whew, the humidity has hit the UNBEARABLE mark here in Auburn and I’m sweating buckets. Even better news, the AC decided to conk out at the worst time ever! (Oh well, May is preferable to July for AC failures! Been there, done that a few times. Let’s not go there…)

So…second day of summer semester packed away and I’m home trying not to melt. Here’s a task to take my mind off my awful heat-problem…literary Twitter ramblings for this Tuesday! Woo hoo! I’m over-compensating, I know :-).

1) 3 minutes ago

I’m A Pornography of Grief by Philip Huang

2) 25 minutes ago

. on why she loves bookish Reese Witherspoon:

3) 27 minutes ago

I am in this awesome reading mood but I just want to read everything at the same time.

4) 2 hours ago

Calling all librarians! Come talk about digital media in the library at Digipalooza. Retweet for a chance to win free registration!

5) 3 hours ago

How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer – An essay I wrote for .

6) 3 hours ago

Get Ep. 2 of All the Books!, a weekly podcast about new releases:

7) 3 hours ago

NIMONA starts goofy & accessible, deepens into “a morally and emotionally complicated fantasy,” says

8) 4 hours ago

I would have access to every book and the time to read, but my reading glasses would break like in The Twilight Zone.

9) 4 hours ago

On-boarding new contributors for Book Riot this week, and so happy to have and joining us!

10) 4 hours ago

Looking for a great zombie read? recommends 21 unique tales of the undead:

*I think I’m taking this list down a notch or two…10 is a better number than 12!

‘Till next time! Kisses and books,



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