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Update: Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon Wrap-Up Post

Hey guys!

I didn’t want to wait too long on getting this post done, so here are the stats and results of my first Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon on April 25, 2015! I didn’t read a lot but I had quite a bit of fun! (I’m not feeling too great today, so I will make this short and sweet).

Books Read From

  • “The Raising” by Laura Kasischke
    • progress: pages 264-283
  • “Revival” by Stephen King
    • progress: pages 80-91
  • “World War Z” by Max Brooks
    • progress: started

* as you can clearly see, I did NOT read very much but I still think I did well considering it was my first ever event!

Social Media Interaction

I kept a few tabs open on my computer during the Read-a-thon (Twitter, Goodreads, Dewey’s site, etc.) in order to keep track of my fellow Read-a-thon friends, and my own involvement and participation. I checked the official Dewey’s site for hourly update posts and to see if I had miraculously won any prizes/giveaways! (No luck this time). I was most involved with Twitter and I visited other readers’ blogs and sites in between tweeting and commenting. I didn’t participate in any mini-challenges because I found it challenging enough to get off the computer and return to my own Readage! 🙂

Twitter Stats (since inception)

  • 405 tweets
  • following 166 people
  • 47 followers (Although that wasn’t the goal and I wasn’t expecting to, I boosted my Twitter stats dramatically during the Read-a-thon! I gained several new followers and followed several new people on Twitter, which is surprisingly fun to announce!)

Readage Stats (since inception)

  • 5,663 hits
  • 162 followers (It is mind-blowing to me that I have so many followers on this three-year-old blog. I very much appreciate each and every person’s kindness in following me!)

Resting Spells

I took at least two significant naps during the Read-a-thon and didn’t strain myself in any way. I didn’t want this first one to be a bad experience.

Total Involvement

18 hours! Woo hoo!


Ok, I need to run. See you guys later this week, hopefully! Keep on with the Readage!

Forever Between Pages (even when feeling under the weather),



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