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Readage Update

Happy Monday night, fellow bookworms!

I am writing this quick post to say that I will be on blogging hiatus this next week. I have to study for two monstrously important exams and I also hope to get ahead on some pleasure reading this week as well. It doesn’t seem likely but I am still hopeful that I can finish at least one or two books. (Take a look at my Goodreads stats below: 5 books behind schedule! Yikes, I started off this year so well!) I took yesterday (Sunday) off from blogging, therefore interrupting my weekly Slant Sundays feature-(I know everyone’s so sad lol); I was exhausted mentally and physically from participating in the April 25th Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon. (By the way, I made it about 18 hours, although I took two naps in between and didn’t actually do much reading; I was too glued to Twitter, blogs, and the Dewey website to read much besides updates. I feel fine, though, because I signed up to be a cheerleader and did my duty quite well, I think!) I have yet to wrap up the details and commentary on my first Dewey’s, but I hope to get on that as soon as I can.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
You have read 11 of 50 books.

5 books behind schedule

Please wish me luck on my exams (I am very nervous about them both!) and also on making some decent headway in the next week or two with my TBR! Thanks in advance, and I send good vibes your way as well for your individual endeavors!


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