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Twitter Tuesdays

Hey there!

(Another late start on a post, I know…I’m working on it!)

Here’s my attempt at starting something cool with my very own Twitter Tuesdays, in which I recall the best (to me, and maybe to you as well) dozen or so literary tweets of the day. Enjoy, and if you’re not on Twitter, then remedy that real quick! It’s a hotspot of information and fun…and pretty addictive too. Here’s today’s selections: they either made me smile, laugh, think, go “WTF”…or all three! Also included: links to potential interesting reads that are making their way onto my Pocket feed pronto! (By the way, links are live so click them!)

1)  · 9 hours ago

Teacher: “I’m going to just leave this book here because one of my students licked the pages.” ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL CLASS VISIT.

89 cheerleaders for 1289 readers! OH LORDY!

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“Mere literary talent is common; what is rare is endurance, the continuing desire to work hard at writing.” – D. Hall

4) 1 hour ago

Need a book rec for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/graduation? Ask the podcast hosts!

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Never apologize for being “late” to read a great book. The book finds you when you need it. You find the book when you’re ready.

6) 4 hours ago

I should probably go do work. Yes. Okay. Right.

7) 4 hours ago

Why Being A Debut Author Isn’t Exactly A Dream Come True | Buzzfeed

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What should you read next? Take this quiz and find out!

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Jon Krakauer’s book on campus rape tells a sad and infuriating story, writes . But also a necessary one

10) 6 hours ago

The Library of Congress Is Uploading 75 Years of Poetry and Literature Recordings

11) 36 minutes ago


12) 33 minutes ago

Tonight I am bourboning. To build strength for reading Riot applications. That works, right?

How is that, everyone? Till next Tuesday, keep on with the Twittering!

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