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Update: 10 Days Until My First Dewey’s!

Hey there Special Reader People!

I am getting so very excited about participating in my first Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon! Woo hoo, the time draws nigh! I marked April 25th on my calendar several months ago and have been waiting impatiently for the (Satur)day to arrive. I have never participated in any book event of this magnitude before, and I hope I don’t overwhelm myself! In my enthusiastic fervor, I signed up to participate as a reader AND I volunteered to be a cheerleader for other participants! The major question is: between keeping up my stamina (i.e. refilling the coffee cup), and logging on to various social media to update and cheer-lead, when am I going to do all this “scheduled” binge reading? *biting fingernails nervously* I need to be realistic here. It’s probably going to be rough going this first time around, not knowing just how to “schedule” my online and offline time, while also working in the everyday events and goings-on of real-life. I don’t have any particular books picked out; I’m just going to dip in and out of my currently reading stack and maybe even read some things on my phone (I absolutely LOVE Pocket). I feel that this lack of direction and focus may lead to chaos later on, but it’s going to be an adventure so I’m not counting on sticking to any rules or plans! I think my 24 hours (IF I last that long!) is going to look something like this, but there’s always the chance that all of this goes straight out the window during the actual event. Detailed plans are for pussies, right? (That’s what I thought). *I realize that bathroom/eating breaks don’t really figure in to much of this timeline…is that normal? :-/ Also, I want to be online for at least five-ten minutes every hour on the hour! Talk about some interrupted reading! Am I insane or WHAAATTT…?

  • Thursday and Friday before: get as much sleep/rest as possible so I don’t absolutely shut down after a mere four hours of starting the Read-a-thon
  • Saturday, 12 AM: put the coffee on (duh!), get the thing started (opening activities/announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Readage, the Dewey site, etc).
  • Saturday, 12:30 AM: finish up my initial duties and crack a book (ANY book)
  • Saturday, 1:30 AM: put said book down, check in online
  • Saturday, 2:30 AM: pick book back up, switch reading locale/position, check in online
  • Saturday, 3:30 AM: time to maybe switch it up and put down the biography for any of the novels I’m reading at the moment, check in online
  • Saturday, 4:30 AM: stare out at the darkness of the quiet night and wonder why I’ve decided to do this, and then remember that I’m doing this because I’m a champion! Oh yeah, can’t forget to check in online!
  • Saturday, 5:30 AM: watch the sunrise as I yawn (despite the coffee) and take a good long stretch and maybe ten-minute exercise; check in online
  • Saturday, 6:30 AM: watch the sunrise finish up and realize that I’m only 6.5 hours in! (slight freak out session scheduled here); check in online
  • Saturday, 7:30 AM: grab something quick to eat, check in online
  • Saturday, 8:30 AM: blog post on Readage; I’m sure I’ll have something to say at this point, even if it’s just the words: “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?”; check in online
  • Saturday, 9:30 AM: run out of my free listening hours on Pandora; check in online
  • Saturday, 10:30 AM: look outside at the pretty day I’m completely ignoring to participate; if it rains all day that would be even more perfect!; check in online
  • Saturday, 11:30 AM: book swap, check in online
  • Saturday, 12:30 PM: blog post on Readage; I’ll probably be putting some Visine in by this time
  • Saturday, 1:30 PM: stretch and pop another book; check in online
  • Saturday, 2:30 PM: maybe do something non-book related at this point, like laundry; maybe I WON’T check in online
  • Saturday, 3:30 PM: slowly walk around the house in exhausted (but at the same time, non-exhausted) circles; check in online
  • Saturday, 4:30 PM: maybe change mediums and read something on Pocket, check in online
  • Saturday, 5:30 PM: eat something? or not?
  • Saturday, 6:30 PM: wonder if this is the longest or shortest day of my reading life thus far…? and check in online
  • Saturday, 7:30 PM: pop a squat and a book, check in online
  • Saturday, 8:30 PM: look at the clock and wonder if this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done
  • Saturday, 9:30 PM: exercise break and check in online
  • Saturday, 10:30 PM: in the home stretch, so maybe a little break!
  • Saturday, 11:30 PM: pat myself on the shoulder for making it this far…if I actually do
  • Sunday, 12:00 AM: absolutely collapse…book in hand or thrown across the room
  • The next time I’m awake and rested up from the madness: wrap-up and gear up for October!

How does this incredibly detailed and tedious, probably-not-going-to-be-followed-at-all schedule sound, you guys? Please don’t say that I need to check myself into book rehab because at the end of this event I might already be there! LOL jk

So…other than Dewey’s in the next week or so, I don’t have much else on my plate besides school (i.e. gearing up for finals and then another lovely (sarcasm?) Summer semester). Journalism is my game now, peeps, and the Psych major is now a minor. I think I’m going to try like hell to get on here several times a week in order to generate more traffic and comments because, although I think I’m doing pretty well, I know there’s always room for improvement! I long for 1, 234, 544 hits and 12, 345 followers! Oh well, can’t rush these things… 🙂 I’m pleased with the blog for the most part.

Let me know if you’re participating in the Dewey’s semi-annual event (one held in April, the other in October) and let’s connect if you are! Let’s discuss our laughable “strategies” and go ga-ga over our books together! I would love to cheer you on and I know I’m going to need a whole pack of book peeps to keep me going! Hope to “see” some, or any of you during the event! Tell me what you’re reading during the Read-a-thon below. Also, general comments/suggestions are welcome!

Forever Between Pages,



2 thoughts on “Update: 10 Days Until My First Dewey’s!

  1. Good luck with the Readathon, I’m going to be participating in October! Your plan sounds very strategic, you are gonna get a hell of a lot of reading done!
    Jade @ BookMuffin 🙂

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