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Update: 2015 Reading Challenge Continues

readingchallengeHello fellow bookies!

Spring officially began a few weeks ago and the 2015 Reading Challenge is springing ahead, albeit not with as much steam as I’d hoped. (I still don’t know how to sit down and read for six hours straight, but I’m working on it…) I think I’m still doing pretty well staying on target, considering I took a full week off to enjoy Spring Break (from school) with my fiance. By the way, he is well worth taking a break from reading! 🙂 Here’s my progress, with updates to continue!

5) a book with a number in the title: “Don’t Put That in There!: And 69 Other Sex Myths Debunked,” Aaron E. Carroll, Rachel C. Vreeman (library copy)

9) a book by a female author: “Mother, Mother,” Koren Zailckas (library copy)

14) a nonfiction book: “The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success,” R. Eric Landrum, Stephen F. Davis (rented bookstore copy) *I didn’t actually finish this one

20)  a book at the bottom of your to-read list: “Sugar” (Fate #1), Jenna Jameson, Hope Tarr (library copy)

24) a book based entirely on its cover: “PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives,” Frank Warren (library copy)

40) a graphic novel: “The Cute Girl Network,” M.K. Reed, Greg Means, Joe Flood (library copy)

So…I’m doing pretty well, although my Goodreads Reading Challenge tells me I’m 2 books behind. No worries, I’m enjoying the journey.

Forever Between Pages,


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