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OverDrive Media Brings the Books To You!


When you find yourself in desperate need (or really bad want) of a title and your library doesn’t have it, who you gonna call? OverDrive Media Console, that’s who! It’s free and it’s a perfect extension of your local library. Why are you NOT taking advantage of this if you have a smartphone? You don’t go to the books, they come to you! It’s the best thing since sliced bread, I swear…at least for book junkies like myself.

Here are some screen shots from my phone to show you how clear and crisp the “pages” are. It’s helpful to have this option when you’re on the go and don’t want to haul a huge hardcover around, and it’s great for trips because you can check out several books at once. They automatically return themselves, people, can you think of anything Screenshot_2014-09-09-21-32-20more reliable? Late fees are not possible and previously inaccessible reads are available without a data/Internet connection (after downloading the appropriate files, of course).

Although I’m not so far gone off the techno deep end that I would ever admit that “paperless” books are better than real copies (I’m not THAT progressive), it’s sure nice to know you have more options after you’ve exhausted your resources. I relied on Inter-loan library systems until I didn’t have the option anymore and then I turned to OverDrive and decided it was worth downloading a simple, free app to have access to more reading material. Try it today, folks! Here’s the web site to get you started:

Still turning pages,



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